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Chongqing Yilaida Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales of auto parts inspection tools, tooling clamps, molds, jigs and various non-standard automation equipment, which has long served the automobile, 3C and other industries. The company was founded in the Pearl River Delta in 1995, and set up a branch in Suzhou in 2003. With the rise of the west, in order to meet the needs of market development, the company also set up a branch in Chongqing Shuangfu New Area in 2011. The company now has a group of high-quality technical and management talents, with the spirit of never-ending, to explore the development and application of new technologies, in the fierce competition and rapid change of the city In front of the market demand, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, the company strengthens the internal management, and at the same time, it is equipped with a batch of processing and testing equipment such as xiehong large-scale gantry processing center, Sadik slow walking wire, and hexcon high-precision gantry three-dimensional unit, so as to continuously improve the product quality. It has successively manufactured relevant inspection tools and welding jigs for FAW Volkswagen, Chang'an group, Shanghai GM, Chang'an Suzuki, Chang'an Ford, Guangzhou Honda, Guangzhou Toyota, Geely, Chery and other main engine factories and parts suppliers; meanwhile, it has provided a large number of automation solutions for excellent enterprises such as Foxconn, Guangda, Renbao, Jinbao, Guangbao, Taida, JVC and Hitachi Case, won the approval of customers. Main business items: automobile interior and exterior parts inspection tools, sheet metal parts inspection tools, welding parts inspection tools, assembly parts inspection tools, lamp inspection tools, bumper inspection tools, instrument panel inspection tools, four door two cover inspection tools, opening part inspection tools, Pug inspection tools, automatic flexible inspection tools and other automobile body inspection tools; various tooling clamps, non-standard automation equipment, special machines, hardware molds, stamping products, etc. Yilaida company adheres to the tenet of honesty, pragmatism and continuous innovation. No matter today or tomorrow, we will wholeheartedly provide high-quality products and services for customers at home and abroad with "professional technology and sincere service".

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