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How to process the parts of automobile inspection tools
Source:English website Release time:2020/3/24 14:31:07
How to process the parts of automobile inspection tools

Automobile inspection tool is a testing equipment composed of many parts. Although there are many parts with different names, many of the processing methods are the same, for example, clamp seat, support seat
How to process the clamp seat and support seat of automobile inspection tool? First of all, we need to know whether the inspection tool is plastic or sheet metal products. The clamp seat of automobile inspection tool of Xintai precision inspection tool in Shenzhen has aluminum and steel. According to the different products, we can choose which kind of clamp is used. Most of the inspection tools of Xintai precision in Shenzhen use aluminum First, confirm whether the prepared aluminum material can meet the machining allowance required by the processing according to the drawing, then start the processing. The milling machine shall process the shape in place according to the installation drawing, ensure the right angle of the part, pay attention to the surface finish and processing pattern of the part not too obvious, and then punch and tap the teeth according to the drawing, chamfer the part shape, chamfer must be smooth, so as to ensure the outside of the part Shape is perfect, then is the surface treatment of parts, according to the customer's requirements to determine the surface treatment color, Shenzhen Xintai Precision Inspection Tool Co., Ltd. can provide customers with bright black, bright silver, YaHei, sandblast bright silver, brushed bright silver, brushed bright black, and sandblast golden yellow Etc., as long as it is the customer's requirements, our Xintai inspection tools can meet your requirements.
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