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What's the use of car inspection tools
Source:English website Release time:2020/3/24 14:31:55
Automobile - as many people know, automobile can be divided into many kinds, such as cars, trucks, buses, special cars, etc. automobile brings great convenience to people's travel. Now more and more people can drive, but many people don't know how to produce it. Its production process and technology Selection of materials, requirements of various technical indicators and so on are only familiar to people in the industry. In the production process of automobile, there is a kind of tool called automobile inspection tool. Maybe some people have heard about it, and some haven't heard about it. For someone who hasn't heard about it, they may want to know what the automobile inspection tool is for? Let's explain it.

What's the use of automobile inspection tools?

We should know that the safety performance requirements of the automobile are very high, so the requirements for various parts of the automobile are also very high. Usually, when the various parts of the automobile are produced, various parameters are designed, such as the surface anti rust torque tension of the dimensional accuracy of the parts, etc The corresponding parameters will be set according to the requirements. If the parts manufacturer wants to produce a qualified part, the size of the part will be tested and controlled in the process. Before, the three-dimensional caliper was used Micrometer and other tools for testing parts, now there is a new type of testing tool, which can more quickly test the size of the parts and determine whether it is within the scope of the design requirements, it is the vehicle parts inspection tool, referred to as the vehicle inspection tool.
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